Saturday, March 28, 2009

UAE's Gulf News supported Green Living!

I am glad to announce that many people are supporting Green Living! The response to this blog within 2 months is heartwarming (not global warming ;-)..)!

UAE’s leading newspaper Gulf News featured a story on this blog, published today (29th March 2009). Link to the article in Gulf news about blog- Or
Gulf News appreciated the Green Habits and Green Living approach. I would like to thank Gulf News for the acknowledgement of my efforts!

Many people are writing to me to show their support. My request is to please comment or suggest on the blog so that other people also can see your words. Your Green suggestions are always welcome!


Nana said...

Good initiative, ma'm. Nice to see you doing great for envirnmemt.

Vishal said...

Hello Amruta,
I read your gulf news article.Many Congratulations! Keep up the good work!!
Iam glad that you have started this blog.Hope it goes a long way...
Today while surfing the environment agency-abu dhabi website, i came across the following website: . Do visit it and dont miss the pledge on there...

Gauri said...

Hey Amruta,
Hearty Congrats....!!!!!
Great job dear.
You are really doing a fantastic job by helping the common man to know the pros & cons of Global Warming & Grren Living.

We here in India are proud of you...!!!