Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Volunteering EWS-WWF...

Hi there! I hope you all are keeping up with our Green Living and saving some energy!

Recently I got opportunity to volunteer for Emirates Wildlife Society- WWF for a awareness program. Today Conservation officer Emma Smart form EWS arranged this workshop for preparation of this program. It was great to meet people, other volunteers who truly believe in conserving environment and give their bit for it! I will post regarding this programme later as it is still under construction!

But I thought I should give you some information about EWS-WWF.

EWS, The Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature is non-governmental organisation working to promote Nature Conservation in UAE since 2001. EWS-WWF aims to work with people and institutions within UAE and region to conserve bio-diversity and promote sustainable living through education and conservation initiatives.

The mandate of EWS-WWF covers:

- Species

- Habitats

- Climate Change

-Ecological Footprints

-Natural resources.

Monday, October 12, 2009

After Long Time...

Hi friends!!!!....It's been loooong time.
In these days I was too busy with my work and was feeling bad that I can't get time to update my blog. But today, though I have not studied or researched enough; I decided to write a general post to give a restart to my blog writing!

In last month I saw 2 documentary films arranged by 'Heroes of UAE' & EWS-WWF along with Animal Planet. One was 'Fresh Water' and other 'Marshes & Mangroves'. The films were about the impact of climate change on animal populations around the world. These films were very informative and educating! I loved them & I decided to join voluntary work for Heroes of UAE team. After screening we were gifted the energy saving lights. It was a very good initiative in terms of awareness. I saw many parents with theirs kids for these screening and the good no. of people present there were indicating their interest in sustainable environment.

Now, Let me tell you about greening my workplace.
- I found about 200 waste visiting cards of a previous employee. Instead of throwing them away I am using them to make list of tasks or giving some notes to my colleagues. I took some of them to home to make grocery list :).
- The blank-side of waste printouts I am using to reprint the sample files or to do rough work.
- The pages which are completely waste after reuse I am keeping aside so that I can recycle them in recyclers kept on Cornish.
- The waste water in my bottle I am throwing in plants kept in my office.

Some things I still need to convince.
- keep one recycling bean for papers in office.
- Energy saving by introducing the system of turning off unnecessary lights.

Waiting for your Green suggestions...