Thursday, June 5, 2014

Babysafe Paints

Hello Friends! Summer is getting hotter in Dubai and we mums keep finding ways to keep our kids busy indoors during the day! Evenings are still good so we spend an hour or so outdoor. Ruhaan either plays downstairs trying to copy big children or loves splashing water in pool!

During day he likes to clean the house or cook LOL, no it is no way a help for me, but it is just a favorite role play with lot of added work for me ;). So I try to engage him in different activities and one 'my favorite' is coloring or playing with colors. And so I was on a big quest of finding baby friendly, chemical free, VOC free colors. Even before this, when Ruhaan was few months old and I was haunted by hand and foot print of him to keep in my baby memory box, But I couldn't find paints which could be safe for babies. You get so many organic baby products right from clothes, but organic paints are not easy to find. I remember how we dipped Ruhaan's hand and foot in turmeric paste and attempted to take yellow prints when he was 4 months old. It looked very funny. Then my husband wanted to play with beetroot in same way but I resisted (definitely in the fear of mess afterwards. But it could have been equally memorable too).

I used to check those footprint kits kept in baby stores, but it is never mentioned that the paints are chemical-free on that made in china products. My husband proposed the molds of hand but I am always partial for paints.

We Can Too Plant Based Crayons

You get lot of paints, like face paints etc which are safe for toddlers, 3 years and above but not for babies. On this background you could imagine how happy I would have been when I found crayons not just safe for babies but are made from fruits and veggies and the company claims they are edible. Of course I am not ok with edible part but I can now let my son have fun with colors.
And here is what he did more than painting,

Yes he loved the fresh fruity, flowery smell of these crayons LOL.