Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Buildings!

Hi Friends, it's been long time that I didn't write any post! We celebrated this year's biggest ever 'Earth hour' by walking near 'Burj Al Arab' but couldn't find time to post about it. The reason is I have started working on my first 'Green building' project! Conserving Environment & making awareness about it is not just passion & hobby for me now, it's my profession! Quite exciting!!

In this blog I never mentioned about Green buildings & LEED. This blog is specially created to make everybody aware of environment, irrespective of one's knowledge about this subject. So I never added any technical information here. But now as everybody is hearing about Green Buildings & have some funny misconception about it. it's time to talk about it!

Here is brief introduction to Green Buildings,
Theses buildings are made sustainable to environment & humans (constructing & occupying the building). These buildings are constructed to reduce adverse effect of buildings on environment & human health.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental design), developed by USGBC is a Green Building rating system. Based on certain criteria buildings are certified as 'Green building'. those criteria are,
1. Sustainable sites
2. Water efficiency
3. Energy
4. Materials
5. Environmental Quality

There are some other Green Building rating systems also, Ex. BREEAM, Estidama, Green Globe, Greenstar, Griha.

But again, even if the resources (energy, water etc) saving buildings (Green Buildings), energy saving vehicles, energy saving appliances are coming up all over the world; finally we are the one who will use them. So I feel the change should start from us. We all need to follow Green Living in our own way to save environment, get used to Green Habits & spread the awareness about it!

Here is the poster I made to encourage my collegues to follow Green Building requirements!