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My journey of Living Green in Dubai and writing about it started in 2009. While working as
Sustainability Consultant for sustainable development (green building) projects in and around the region I came across many professionals in construction industry who were unaware of basics of sustainability. That is when I realized the need of sustainability awareness amongst society. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience in sustainability industry. But instead of writing technically on sustainable living, I opted for writing simple tips of green living to connect with every possible person who reads my blog. That is the reason I opted for the word 'Green' instead of 'Sustainable' to make sure what I write is easily understandable to everyone including students, older generation and people who are not related to sustainability business.

'Green Living' is a place on blog, where you can find how to follow Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra in our day to day life. How can we conserve resources and make our living space more and more sustainable. I also like to feature Eco DIYs and other necessary information in this section. I am now focusing on 'ZeroWaste Lifestyle' next step of green living using #zerowasteUAE!

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After having my son in 2013, I started the section 'Green Parenting' where I write about my attempts of making my son Eco-aware from early on. Here I include Eco activities and fun learning activities I do with him since he was a baby and also express my take on Eco education.

'Enviro UAE' section of the blog is dedicated to environmental awareness about UAE. Mostly people think there isn't much natural beauty and bi-diversity in UAE as they can see only desert. But if you explore this country by making sure you not disturbing the nature, you will come to know how much natural diversity is there in UAE.

Having the wanderlust genes inherited from my father, I am always ready to travel. Under 'Eco Travels' I love to write about our sustainable travel stories. As my husband is also a sustainability professional, we always made sure to travel responsible or explore Eco tourism offered by our destination place.
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'Sustainable Industry' section on the blog is dedicated to cover updates and news in mainly local sustainable industry and even announcement by UAE government! Under 'Reviews' you can find sustainable products and services available locally, this is started specially to help my readers choose wisely and avoid green-washed products or service!

I believe if one wants to change the world for better, it should start from that person. So here's my effort to make my family's living sustainable and green; while taking along my readers on my journey of sustainable living!


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