Friday, January 7, 2011

Junk Problem in UAE...Solution- Charities in UAE

Around 80% of UAE population is expats. Generally very less people will buy house & many people keep moving from one place to other inside UAE as their house contract is over. UAE is a shopping heavan, so almost everybody keeps buying things without giving a second thought that do they really need it or what to do with this when it will be of no use.

Good food in UAE keeps changing shape of your body & you clothes become useless after months, you keep changing wardrob according to this need or fashion! Trend of changing personal electronics, (which you get duty free in UAE) or even changing home interior is common here.

All these habits or trends in UAE leads to a Junk problem of every household. Many a times, we know the things are now junk for us are still useful for others so we keep carrying them in store/garage from one house to another for years. Most people throw them. You always get to see things in good condition, lying in roadside garabage bins.

Some kind people keep those things & give it to watchmen, domestic help people or charities stall opened in malls during Holy month of Ramadan or festiv seasons. I used to do the same, but keeping things for a year to wait till these stalls coming up again doesn't solve junk problem at your home.

Here is list of some charities in UAE who accept second hand stuff from you & distribute it to less fortunate people in need.

1. Al Ihsan Charity Center-

This center help families who lost their breadwinner due to death, divorce, negligence, jail sentence or deportation. The center provides these families necessities like new/used furniture, kitchen applinaces, clothing, shoes, personal items in adiition to the assistance to accquire their health cards & medical prescriptions, schooling supplies for children.

Contact via email or mobile 050 450 5203

2. Dar Al Ber Society- ( Unused medicines accepted)

Your unwanted medicines as long as they are sealed, unused & not expired are accepted & redistributed to needy people. You need to drop off the medicines at their location. They also accept used items like furniture. (Can't find more, as the site is in arabic)

Contact: 04 3523333/

3. Jebel Ali Christ Church

You can donate your things at Jebel ali Christ Church, every friday morning. Organizers may be there to help you between 8-11am.

4. Spectacles/Goggles-Opticians in UAE

The old spectacles are accepted by variouse opticians in UAE, including Yateem Optician & Al Jaber Opticals. Hopefully they redistribute these spectacles to people with poor sight but can't afford specatcles

5. Visit this page to find more charities in UAE, where you can donate your things. (not sure how many of theses accept second hand things, again sites are in arabic...actually could be translated through google though)

6. According to my knowledge some counsolates/emabssies like Indian counsolate, Pakistani Counsolate etc used to take second hand good to distribute to their labous staying here. But not sure, this facility is regular basis or available occasinally.

But generally for most of above charities who accept second hand goods & redistribute to needy people, ask us to drop off. Though it sounds like a complian, but truth is becuse of a very tight schedules of working people here & generally drop off points are not accecible in evenings or far away from your daily route to & from office, many people can't drop off their things even if they want to donate those things. Finally after sheduling these drop off trips again & again they loose their patiance & one day, throw away those things in garbage bins. Some people in UAE don't even know, they could donate their unwanted things.

So I am looking for a charity, who may have a 24hr drop off point for ALL unwanted things, not just clothes/furniture etc etc. Or else they come & pick up your unwanted things, we could give them petrol cost though. Or may be there should be permanent stalls of accepting donation of used items in some malls at least!

It sounds like "Yes I want to donate, BUT I have some parameters!" But unfortunately if those requirements are not fullfilled it will be hard to encourage all people in UAE for REUSE, RECYCLE.