Sunday, May 31, 2015

World-wide Energy Efficiency Standards for Appliances (Revised & Republished)

This post was originally published in June 2009 and is one of most popular post on this blog. This was probably only cumulative collection of worldwide energy efficiency standards present on web back then.

Recently I came across the UAE's own energy efficiency label and felt the need to update and republish this post. Please find the new addition at the end of the list.

Before buying any electric or energy consuming appliances we need to check, does it save energy? Is it energy efficient? However, how to check that? Here come the energy efficiency standards to help us decide our green appliance.

Worldwide there are different energy efficiency standards, ratings or labels. Some countries have their own standards some countries are following standards set by other countries. Most of them are similar. Some are voluntary, some are mandatory.

Therefore, here is the list of most of these standards & labels according to their country of origin. If you want to buy product made in ‘country’ then check out energy rating given in front of it.

Made in India - BEE star ratings (Buro of Energy Efficiency, India)
Made In US - Energy Star Label, California Energy commission
Made in Australia- Energy Star rating
Made In UK - Energy saving recommended certification
Made in Germany- Blue angel, Nordic Swan

Made in European Union- Energy plus, EU Eco Label, the Group for Energy Efficient Appliances (GEEA)

Made in Japan- Top runner label

Made in Singapore- Energy Efficincy rating, NAE (National Environment Agency)

In Asian market, the China Energy Conservation Project is expected to issue standards for electronics. Korea's voluntary Energy Saving Office Equipment & Home Electronics Program is important.
Other worldwide Energy efficiency labels are as follows

Made/Sold in UAE- Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has developed a new energy efficiency rating system specifically for UAE. The importance is given to water efficiency as well, specially for washing machines (annual water consumption is considered for rating purpose). UAE doesn't have it's own natural water resource, the sea water is desalinated on huge quantities for day to day water consumption. That's why this rating system is more appropriate than usual energy rating systems for the country.

Always check energy efficiency labels on the appliances before you buy any!!!
(Send me energy efficiency logo which is not listed above)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Eco-Activities in India

We were vacationing last few weeks in India, after many years in summer. The summer in my memory is not that hot and harsh. My city Nasik used to be known as a cooler place in summer, but not anymore. Effects of global warming are seen everywhere, add industrialization and urbanization to it, the city in my childhood is long gone and transformed into something else.

Flower farm, Peepal tree, Gulmohor Tree (blooms in summer)
But for my son, who lives in a developed dessert; seeing trees, birds, flowers, rocky hills, farms and river everywhere we go is very exciting experience. His grandparents were equally excited, wanted to show him so many things in Nature around us. Now I know how I developed my love for nature. We did some excursions out of the city to see the nature closely, visited farms and dam, walked along the river, climbed small hills. While doing all these eco-activities; joy on my son's face was beyond the words.

Mango Picking! Tangy green or raw mangoes used in cooking

Visit to Dam. Ruhaan with his Grandmother
We could even experience early rain before arrival of monsoon. The temples in India are amazing places to take young kids for play. Temples are clean, have huge premises around where young kids can run, but of course its a place to worship so better not to take ball etc. It's great opportunity to teach our kids about the culture.

We didn't travel far, just out of the city and took in the Nature around us and it was rejuvenating! Hope you too will add some eco-activities in your itinerary when you go on vacation this summer! Have a great summer!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kindness of Aloe Vera in Tube

I have certain memories of Aloe Vera from my childhood. There used to be some Aloe Vera plants at my Grandma's backyard in India. I used to complain about the thorns on the plant, but she used to explain to me how this plant is a blessing. It doesn't ask anything from us but gives back so much. This plant requires almost no maintenance, least water, grows faster but has great medicinal qualities. Aloe Vera can be natural answer to skin care, hair care, first aid, cold remedies and recently been used for digestive issues. As a child I used to watch curiously when my aunts used to make face packs and hair packs out of fresh aloe vera gel. Therefore when I came across Forever Living's aloe products, I was more than happy. After trying these products for few days, here I am even more happy to share with you that those eco friendly products were so close to natural form, non toxic and very effective.

I would like to talk mainly about Aloe Vera Gelly today, which is most pure and natural form of aloe gel amongst all other Forever Living products. It is basically a stabilized aloe vera clear gel.

I generally get heat acne, when I sleep late or less or because of increase in body heat. Aloe is popular for cooling effect it gives, so I tried Gelly for 3 days and the acne vanished without leaving any mark. Finally I found a quickest remedy for my regular skin issue. I also applied Gelly after a spending time outdoors in sun. The Gelly had soothing effect on my skin, making me feel fresh and rejuvenated. This gelly is non-irritating, is good for all skin types including sensitive skin and is specially prepared for topical application to moisturize, soothe and condition. I tried using it also as a under eye cream overnight to reduce puffiness and it worked well.

This gelly can also be used on burns, candida, chicken pox, rashes and also for teething in children!

I am in love with this product totally and so I call it 'Kindness of Aloe Vera in Tube'!