Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Eco-Activities in India

We were vacationing last few weeks in India, after many years in summer. The summer in my memory is not that hot and harsh. My city Nasik used to be known as a cooler place in summer, but not anymore. Effects of global warming are seen everywhere, add industrialization and urbanization to it, the city in my childhood is long gone and transformed into something else.

Flower farm, Peepal tree, Gulmohor Tree (blooms in summer)
But for my son, who lives in a developed dessert; seeing trees, birds, flowers, rocky hills, farms and river everywhere we go is very exciting experience. His grandparents were equally excited, wanted to show him so many things in Nature around us. Now I know how I developed my love for nature. We did some excursions out of the city to see the nature closely, visited farms and dam, walked along the river, climbed small hills. While doing all these eco-activities; joy on my son's face was beyond the words.

Mango Picking! Tangy green or raw mangoes used in cooking

Visit to Dam. Ruhaan with his Grandmother
We could even experience early rain before arrival of monsoon. The temples in India are amazing places to take young kids for play. Temples are clean, have huge premises around where young kids can run, but of course its a place to worship so better not to take ball etc. It's great opportunity to teach our kids about the culture.

We didn't travel far, just out of the city and took in the Nature around us and it was rejuvenating! Hope you too will add some eco-activities in your itinerary when you go on vacation this summer! Have a great summer!

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