Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kindness of Aloe Vera in Tube

I have certain memories of Aloe Vera from my childhood. There used to be some Aloe Vera plants at my Grandma's backyard in India. I used to complain about the thorns on the plant, but she used to explain to me how this plant is a blessing. It doesn't ask anything from us but gives back so much. This plant requires almost no maintenance, least water, grows faster but has great medicinal qualities. Aloe Vera can be natural answer to skin care, hair care, first aid, cold remedies and recently been used for digestive issues. As a child I used to watch curiously when my aunts used to make face packs and hair packs out of fresh aloe vera gel. Therefore when I came across Forever Living's aloe products, I was more than happy. After trying these products for few days, here I am even more happy to share with you that those eco friendly products were so close to natural form, non toxic and very effective.

I would like to talk mainly about Aloe Vera Gelly today, which is most pure and natural form of aloe gel amongst all other Forever Living products. It is basically a stabilized aloe vera clear gel.

I generally get heat acne, when I sleep late or less or because of increase in body heat. Aloe is popular for cooling effect it gives, so I tried Gelly for 3 days and the acne vanished without leaving any mark. Finally I found a quickest remedy for my regular skin issue. I also applied Gelly after a spending time outdoors in sun. The Gelly had soothing effect on my skin, making me feel fresh and rejuvenated. This gelly is non-irritating, is good for all skin types including sensitive skin and is specially prepared for topical application to moisturize, soothe and condition. I tried using it also as a under eye cream overnight to reduce puffiness and it worked well.

This gelly can also be used on burns, candida, chicken pox, rashes and also for teething in children!

I am in love with this product totally and so I call it 'Kindness of Aloe Vera in Tube'!


Sapana Vibhandik said...

Seems a really good product. Will surely try it for me n kids.

Amruta Kshemkalyani- Tavkar said...

Thank you sapna, I hope you would like it even more after using it. Please feel free to contact me, if you want to buy the products.