Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Natural Wooden Toys

Hi mama and papa readers, don't we all parents always look for the best things for our kids? We try to choose best possible food, child-care, education and so on. But finding best toys is equally important too, I am sure you all will agree with that.

My Son's Favorite- Fire Truck

But what are best toys? They should be stimulating for younger kids, educational, should promote some thinking or creativity in our child and toys should be SAFE! Yes you heard it right, there should not be any sharp edges, corners and mainly toys should be non toxic, VOC free, chemical free, made of nonhazardous materials. Otherwise prolonged use of toys made of toxic material can create health issues in our children.
What I have seen is, in case of babies, we generally give more attention to toy selection because they put toys in mouth. So we avoid tiny objects to protect from chocking, we buy BPO free teethers etc. But truth is we need to give attention to quality of toys all the time. Specially kids spend most of their time with toys, till they start going to school.

Natural Wooden Toys
All this discussion we had, because I have been giving toys to my son which fulfill all above criteria and are easily available here in UAE. Harmony House toys are hand-made out of natural wood, painted with nontoxic paints and are safe in every way for our kids. Kids love these high quality, practical toys and they are durable too. These toys are so eco-friendly that they are made up of FSC wood from Europe and are not bleached or treated with any synthetic chemicals. This is the reason not just my son but even I love these toys too!

Recently when I met with Gabriele, the founder of Harmony House in Ripe market where she puts a stall of these toys; I could actually show her how many of the toys we already have at home! You can buy these toys online here and toys are delivered through out UAE. They have whole range of toys for babies, toddler and preschoolers. These wooden toys can make great green gifts too!

Educational Stacking Toys



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