Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Earth Hour 2015 Celebrations!

Green Living in Dubai's first Eco Event took place yesterday. We organized 'Family Fun Earth Hour 2015 celebrations' and I am glad to share with you that it went well :-).
DIY Paper Lantern and Recycled Tin Lantern made by me

John Giving Talk, Paper Lantern making
The theme of our Earth Hour 2015 celebrations was 'Reduce Reuse Recycle'! (You can find more about 3Rs and DIYs on our blog under Green Home section)

Highlight of our celebration was talk about local recycling service. John Van Zuylen from Keep It Clean delivered the informative talk about their recycling system created for every household in UAE, Homecycle. Our guest found it very useful. Guests asked questions about it and even said they will try this service. I talked about my experience as Homecycle user. Check out the review of Homecycle on our blog under Green Directory section

As promised to our guests we had eco activities for kids. Not just kids but even parents and adults liked our eco activities! We made paper lantern with kids. Older kids enjoyed making it on their own. Younger kids enjoyed decorating waste plastic bottles (juice and milk bottles) to make educational toy. I call it 'shapes and color discovery bottle'. This educational bottle toy was created to teach kids how we can reuse items to make something useful out of it instead of throwing it away. Also I displayed and explained how to make lantern out of tin box. The one showed here created out of formula milk tin box.

Shapes and Color Discovery Bottle made out of plastic juice bottle
(Recycled Educational Toy for younger kids)

At end our guest were given eco goodies, consist of paper car bag, Mr. bin paper trash cone for beach by Keep It Clean and Glass jar with goodies by Green Living In Dubai, which I made out of babyfood jars another example of reusing waste bottles.

I would like to thank John and Michelene from Keep It Clean for sparing an evening for our event and providing valuable information about how to recycle in UAE from comfort of our home and giving eco goodies to our guests. And lastly thank you to all of our guests who attended 'Family Fun Earth Hour Celebrations'. I am sure you had fun! All of these lovely people made our first Green Event successful!

Checkout few more photos of the event on our Facebook page. Keep checking our blog for future Eco events...
Kids showing Paper Lantern and Discovery Bottle made by them

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