Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aid in Motion- Charity for my Unwanted Stuff

Hi Guys,
Today I am very happy to get rid of my unwanted stuff for very good cause and couldn't wait to share with you all!
As you know we are on a mission to find out different ways to reuse, reduce & recycle unwanted things, which in turn solves the waste problem. I have discussed many ways to do this in numerous previous posts on this blog. Right from innovative, artistic reuse of waste to flea market and charities.
I have used many different charities to give away my unwanted stuff in last 6 years in Dubai.
This time I came across 'Aid In Motion', Volunteer in Dubai Initiative that collects unwanted items for the less fortunate.
You can find out more about this charity on
Or you can like their facebook page, to know any new update regarding their charity opportunities, You can also call on 04 870 6535 and request them to arrange pick up for your unwanted items.
Aid in Motion is project launched by of Volunteer in Dubai. They have fabulous group of volunteers known as "Area Collection Representatives" to collect your unwanted stuff in good condition like clothes, books, household items. The list of items which they accept for charity is on their page.
After they collect your items, they sort out items and distribute to labors living in labor camps in Dubai and Sharjah. Sometimes they send these items to needy people in less privileged countries like Uganda, Nepal. And sometimes they sell these items in second hand flea market and use the money to do specific help to less fortunate needy individuals in Dubai. Just recently they sold items in flea market and bought a wheel chair for someone who was in need of it, but could not afford it.
When I saw their recent FB status, I called up their call center and requested to arrange pick up. I had around 30 unwanted books in very good condition, a bag of good condition clothes (mostly formal clothes of my husband and me) and medicines, which are not expired yet along with old spectacles.
One of their volunteer Salman, from my neighborhood contacted me for pick up. After we co-ordinated, he picked up my 3 bags of unwanted stuff from my place. I am sure my unwanted stuff will be given to someone who needs it and can't afford it. Or if they sell these items, the earnings will be used for a noble help. To find that out, I would definitely check on their FB page, what is the next help/charity they are doing?
Thank you Aid In Motion and Volunteer in Dubai to let me take part in your charity! I Hope Dubai-based readers of my blog also would contact Aid In Motion to give away their unwanted stuff to the less fortunate!