Friday, June 1, 2012

Second Hand Flea Market- best way to recyle/reuse unwanted stuff

Hi peeps, as you know since long time I am on mission to find out diffrent ways to recycle/reuse unwanted stuff at my home. The ultimate goal is to divert our waste from landfill! And not only me, but many people living in UAE face same situation. Some of my friends told me that while goining to vacation in their homecountry they carry their unwanted luggage (which is in good condition) like clothes, electronics, children toys etc and give away to needy poeple. I also know many people who go to labour camps in UAE and give away their unwanted stuff. But you can't give away ladies purses and shoes in these labour camps!

There are many charities in UAE where you can give away all your stuff right from clothes, books to medicines, spectacles. I have discussed these charities in UAE in older posts.
If one has enough time and creativity, reusing unwanted stuff to create something useful is also a very good idea, I have dedicated a lengthy post for this subject. Would love to let you know more, as I find anything new.
You find recylers for papers, plastic waste in UAE (find locations in past post). But we can not really throw readable books to these recycler, I would say it's insane and of course non-sustainable. When it could be reused, then there is no point in wasting resources to recycle it.
The yard sales concept it not much matured in UAE yet. Also there are also not big permanent second hand marketshere in UAE, like chor bazars India .

Many people use sites like, or newpaper classified to resell their unwanted stuff in UAE. There are others like Take my junk, to help us clear our house from unwanted stuff.
But just recently I found out a very funfilled as well as sustainable way to recycle my unwanted good stuff, Second hand Flea market!

"One man's waste is other man's treasure" I really like this sentence, and how it is so true we experienced in this flea market. Many people who want to buy some stuff at cheap, they visit this very popular Dubai Flea market, which is organized every month by Green Spot Entertainment. It is organised in Al Safa park and Uptown Mirdiff. Checkout their website,
If you want to sell items they provide you a stall (tables, chairs) at a cost. It's not cheap, but if you have bulk things in good condition to get rid off, it's good. You not only get back your cost of setting up stall but you also earn money!

Many times it happens that people are not ready to give away their unwanted stuff like that, for which they paid a good amount of money. Looking at shopping tempatations in Dubai, we all face this situation, where we bought some expensive high end/branded stuff may be clothes, which are in very good condition but are not fitting now. As we can't let it go like that, we keep it and increase our luggage. But when we can sell these kind of unwanted stuff which is in good condition, we don't feel that bad. And good thing is somebody else, who can't afford to spend high price for these things, can have it in cheap.
Not just that I personally started feeling better to buy some stuff second hand, if we want to try 1st time than buying new. Movie and music records are my favourite second hand things. As my choice I will never buy any personal second hand item for hygene reason but I would love to find some antique or decorative artistic items in such markets at a good price.

Few days back I had a stall at this Dubai Flea market along with my friends. A week before the market we organised all our unwanted stuff (items stricktly in good condition) and decided prices (as low as possible). I am purposely specifying items which we sold in this market, Kid's toys, shoes, bags, elctronics/electrical appliances, utensiles, clothes, lamps, books, movies, jwellery, accessaries.

The response was very good. Many taxi drivers, workers bought many items from us in very cheap rate. Our intent for this market was not earning money. But we wanted to sincerely get rid of our unwanted but good stuff in return of some small amout. As example, selling our unwanted branded shirts at 5dhs was definitely a win-win situation for both seller and buyer. By profession none of us sold anything, but selling our stuff in this market was a great fun. Sometimes we also gave away stuff like that. The market was huge with hundreds of stalls under the trees in Safa park and there was a big crowd to buy stuff since early morning.
The second hand flea market was very good, no guilt, sustainable business. You get  satisfaction by sort of recycling your stuff by selling it somebody for low cost. And the buyers are happy to find good affordable deals and they reuse your unwanted stuff happily.

Guys waiting for some innovative sustainble ways to reuse/recycle from you. Till then Happy Reusing & Recycling!