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Let's Target #ZerowasteUAE in 2017!

Happy New Year 2017 folks! It's a week late, I know but we still have 358 days to look forward to and set a brand new green new year resolution for 2017....we are all together living a greener, more sustainable life all these years, let's go a step forward and target Zero Waste this year!
Let's Go Zero Waste in 2017!

Actually it's not a brand new resolution for me, I secretly set Zerowaste as my new year resolution last year 2016, at that time I was not sure how much possible and successful it can be in UAE, being the consumer's paradise! So I decided to take a trial run before I involve all of you my lovely readers! I was a voluntarily guinea pig, you know! But I am so glad to share with you that my #ZerowasteUAE experiment was a good success, I am not claiming here that I went complete Zero waste in my life or at home. But I reduced waste considerably, it's more of Less Waste! But why to settle down on second best, when it comes to a goal? That's why I am calling our goal, "Zero Waste UAE".

I am sure most of you have already figured out this was coming, looking at my on and off posts about it, but for those who haven't noticed or those who don't know the philosophy behind it let's see what exactly is this Zerowaste Lifestyle?
My weekly Zero Waste grocery shopping

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste as name suggests, No Waste; as in no trash sent to landfills. It's a philosophy that encourages redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reduced. It can be so sustainable that it is even beyond recycling. As we all know we can not keep recycling some materials like plastic again and again. There is always a dead end to recycling of plastic after few times. In fact materials like plastics and paper are down cycled, they degrade during recycling and finally end up on landfill where it can not be further recycled.  Metals are only materials which can be recycled almost infinitely. Glass, apart from some special glass ware, light bulb also can be recycled for n-number of times.

So In Zero waste we are not just reducing load from landfill and waste management systems but we are also reducing the pressure on recycling systems. Basically while adopting Zero Waste Lifestyle, we need to be mindful and green consumer! More sustainable materials and products we use, less waste we create!

To figure out which are those sustainable products, we can just revisit our old traditions. Those sustainable products will be basically plastic-free, toxins-free which will help us live more healthy, more happy! Less is more!
Let's reduce Waste in UAE!
If you are conscious enough and look closely you can always find all natural, sustainable alternatives. Just remember don't be fulled by labels like 'bio-degradable', 'organic', 'green' on the products. For example, if some product is bio-degradable, dig more within how many years. Sadly some plastics are bio-degradable but put lot of pressure on our Eco-system. But if the plastic is plant-based, bio-plastic then it's definitely sustainable!

Remember Zero waste doesn't mean 'think before you throw anything' rather it's more apt to say that'think before you consume anything'.  Already UAE government is taking steps towards green consumerism to make 'Sustainable UAE' but no country can progress without it's people take part in the change! We as consumers need to push this forward and demand more sustainable products so that the sustainable industry will flourish.

How can you participate in #ZerowasteUAE?

It's not all that difficult, as it sounds. As soon as the philosophy sinks in you automatically become a conscious consumer! But believe me it's a great way to simplify your life! Just remember to say no to single use, disposable items, start investing and loving your reusable items and you are ready to go!
Invest in Sustainable, Reusable Items
Join the Zero Waste UAE Facebook Community here, where you can find UAE specific daily information and resources for going Zero waste. In this community, you are free to discuss, ask questions, share new ideas and your experiences. You can also follow my journey of Zero waste in UAE and beyond on a dedicated Instagram account here.

I will be writing regular tips and ideas about how to go Zero Waste in UAE from my last year's tried and tasted experience, so keep checking the new blog posts. For now to start with, read an older post about, Going Plastic Free in UAE, you will find how to replace plastic disposable items at the end of that post. But the simplest word of advice is focus on Own Less Stuff and Enjoy More Life!

I am inviting you all to join me on this mission like a campaign! Let's take one day at a time and try to make it a Zero Waste Day! Are you with me in this? 

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