Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be A Green Citizen!

Following green living is a real achievement! We know now how to make our home & office green. We believe that one person can make difference! Now we need to become Green citizen!

· If you notice any water leakage, broken pipe or open hydrants when you are out, or any electric short circuit, electric wire not in place or any source of water pollution , land pollution, air pollution report it to relevant local government authority, so that action can be taken to repair the faults and water or electricity can be saved.
· Share conservation tips with family and friends to help spread awareness about Green living.
· Teach your house cleaner, cook, car wash person, security guard, office-boys energy saving techniques. They need to know this. Do not forget to mention that these energy saving techniques are going to save some money for them.
· If anybody on road or in your neighborhood is wasting unnecessary energy say water or electricity etc, please do not hesitate to tell him or her about it in friendly manner.
· If you get any opportunity of presentation or speech in front of any audience say in business, community, schools or even family /friends get together please give some of your favorite green tips to audience and tell them proudly how green you are!

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