Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Earth-Hour Today!

It’s Earth-Hour today!The countdown is about to end.
To support Earth-Hour we have to switch off all lights at 8.30 pm wherever we are! We need to spread awareness of Earth-hour wherever possible Office, friends, family, schools, local authority etc. I have already informed most of my friends and family about Earth-Hour.
During Earth Hour 2008, lights dimmed at Sydney’s Opera House, Rome’s Coliseum, New York’s Empire State Building, and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Even Google’s homepage went black. In total, more than 50 million people participated in Earth Hour last year.
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Earth Hour 2009 will be even bigger, with some of the world’s largest cities, including Bangkok, Chicago, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Manila, Mexico City, New York City, Paris, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto joining WWF in turning off lights. Tens of millions of people around the world will demonstrate concern about the future of the planet by doing something simple yet remarkable - they will turn off their lights for one hour.

In Dubai, a lantern parade is going to take place from iconic Burj Al Arab to mark Earth Hour. Nevertheless, as we are staying far away it is not wise to spend petrol for Earth-Hour! Several other companies and organisations are going to take part. Last year Dubai was first Arab city to join the movement.
My Plans for Earth Hour-
I remember last year we religiously switched off all lights, equipments even A/C and TV during Earth Hour and called up friends and family and told them ‘switch off your lights quickly!’ This year we have planned for it and I would like to share it with everyone here. My husband and I will go out, have a walk around during earth hour of-course switching off all lights in our home. After coming back we will have a romantic candlelight light dinner (to prolong earth-hour). We already follow Green living by reducing unnecessary energy consumption. However, today on earth hour we will have dinner for which fuel will not be required, special menu for the dinner! Thus, we have planned to cut off energy use for not just hour but for whole evening.
Happy Earth-Hour to you all!!!

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