Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beautiful Summer in UAE

As summer starts in UAE, many people start complaining. Of course the heat is unbearable in summer. But in May & start of June it is still okay. the evenings are not cool but you can go outdoors. If you are well equipped with your sunscreen, cap, goggles & bottle of water; you can give a try to go out in mo rings.

What people do in summer is over cool their houses, offices. Energy gets wasted & on top of it many starts having cold & cough. Sometimes you need to carry coat because it's too cold indoors, specially the cinema theaters!

But have we seen outside of our windows, during these months? What are the changes in nature?Just recently I realised that the dessert & nature in UAE is more beautiful during summer! While staring outside the window on the long journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, suddenly I observed the no. of birds flying across the road were more than normal. On Dubai- Abu Dhabi road, there are many trees (some are natural, most are planted). Those trees were full of nests of birds. Some trees were home to 4to 5 nests. The journey became more scenic than before. The other day on same road I observed the dates trees are full of dates, yellow- reddish bunches of dates were hanging low. The date season is started! Then I realised as they have abundant food available, birds are more in numbers.

The communities in Dubai are also full of birds, every day while going to office in morning & coming home in evening, I can see many birds flying all over in Discovery Gardens, a lush green community in Dubai where I stay. Thanks to the landscaping around. The problem of food & water for birds is solved. The birds can get water from water sprinklers installed everywhere in landscaping.

Governments in UAE have taken truely appreciable efforts to make new & sustainable habitats for not just people but birds & plants in dessert!

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