Sunday, June 6, 2010

Abu Dhabi on Water Saving Quest!

Today early morning I heard on radio that Abu Dhabi government is installing water saving devices in Tourist club area for free and my day started with a big smile!

As part of Heroes of the UAE, Abu Dhabi government, The Environmental Agency, Abu Dhabi (EAD) is going to install a simple water saver device in every tap, in every house, every work place in Emirate!

Water is very precious source, specially in this region where there is very little natural source of sweet water. There was always need for water saving in region & This most ambitious, far reaching water conservation camping in the world will definitely is answer to it! Many Congratulations to Abu Dhabi govt & EAD!!!

People are asked to co operate the water saver installer, who will come to your home or office & within some moments his work will be done without any mess.

- This tiny device is installed free of charge

- 30% of water will be saved & potentially 75 billion liters water will be saved for Emirate in a year

- Each household could see the drop of Dhs 100 in water bill per month

- Virtually no difference in water flow, no difference could be noticeable.

In first phase, started on May 27th 2010, water savers will be installed in 55,000 homes in tourist club area & in next 12 months all over Abu Dhabi Emirate

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