Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My take on Enviro-CSR in Khaleej Times

After BP's oil leak disaster, emptiness in so called "Corporate Social Responsibilities" of giant firms came in light.

Recently UAE's Khaleej Times contacted me to give my views about CSR, specially when it comes to environmental responsibilities. It is published in their 4th Aug issue, click to read full article.

Even though we can see many firms are not very focused on sensible CSR, I personally appreciate some of UAE's organisations & govt. departments like Environmental Agency Abu dhabi, Abu Dhabi Urban planning council, DEWA, Dubai Chamber of commerce for making good differences for environment. They are not doing things to decorate their CSR but they actually want to do something to save environment.

Finally, even if firms are changing their policies positively to be enviro-responsible, succes will always depend on the people working with the firms. Then why to wait for our organisations to take steps? We are all free to be socially & environmentally responsible independently!

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Heramb Phalke said...

Very nice & informative article... Going Green certainly is a win win situation for business..

U've made us all proud.. Keep up the good work..wish u Godspeed..!