Friday, May 27, 2016

Shopping Eco Friendly for Kids in UAE

Natural Earth Paint
Recently I have found a great sustainable way to shop Eco-friendly for kids here in UAE. While we are preparing for my son's school starting in Sept,(I know it's too early. But I think we both are quiet excited about his big school), we have a big list of things to buy. When I shopped on My Organic Baby Shop online I could find few important items on my list without running around in mall! Isn't it great! And so Eco-friendly, I didn't waste petrol going to shops and saved huge time just by adding things in my cart only by clicking. Otherwise, we mums are spoiled in UAE for numerous options of shopping and it becomes a big time consuming task just to shop even for one item.

Frankly, it's even difficult to find real sustainable, Eco-friendly things here apart from few Eco Store. But buying on My Organic online Baby Shop was cake walk! The whole process of shopping online to receiving things delivered to home is very smooth. The online Eco store is has wide range of great Eco-friendly and organic products for newly born babies up to preschool age.
Now time to reveal my loot from my organic baby shop! Obvious things from my school preparation shopping list were tiffin box and water bottle. As just few days back I pledged to go plastic free in my household, any type of plastic bottle or tiffin was a big No No. I also didn't want to go for glass bottles, as I already have beautiful glass bottles and boxes by Life Factory. So I added nostalgic stainless steel tiffin by U.Konserve and stainless steel bottle by Eco Vessel to my shopping cart. Me and my son love getting messy with paints, so when I saw Natural Earth Paint kit I had to get one for my little painter! Another extended messy play my son loves is play dough so Veggie sculpting dough by We Can Too was must in my cart.

Veggie Play Dough
The best part of using Veggie play dough and Earth paints started from making them. They both come in powder form and you need to add little water to make it. Ruhaan's excitement started with this first step. The play dough by We Can Too is made purely out of plant based, organic food ingredients. I could smell turmeric when playing with yellow play dough! Same goes with Natural Earth Paint, these paints are made of naturally colored clay transformed into pigment through simple process of drying, crushing and sifting.

The reusable stainless steel lunch box and bottle helped our little man to go plastic free! I feel relaxed thinking I am not packing any toxins for his lunch along with food and drinks. The U.Konserve tiffin reminds me of my childhood, when all kids used to eat from steel boxes, then why did we shifted to these plastic lunch boxes full of toxins? The Eco Vessel bottle is so trendy and I selected such design that even I can take it with me, if I need to. Yes, it doesn't look like stainless steel bottle, but it is! The water stored inside doesn't get any smell even after a day or two, no toxins leaching in water! How healthy, just pure water!

My organic Baby Shop has selected such great Eco-friendly products from around the world that you can be sure that you are buying best Eco-friendly products for your children! Their baby products have such wide variety, I wish this online shop would have been there when Ruhaan was younger! Availability of sustainable baby or kids products is very important, once you decide to take up Green Parenting. Thanks to this online Eco Store, all these great products are just a click away!
Eco Vessel Bottle and U.Konserve lunch box

I don't need to tell you that I am going to be a regular buyer on this online Eco store and already have list of few products ready which include stainless steel straw, organic skin care for my son, snack bags. To shop on My Organic Baby Shop click here and start green beginnings for your little ones!

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