Saturday, May 21, 2016

Organic Milk in UAE

Do you know what exactly is organic milk? In previously published post Sustainable food, I explained how organic food is farmed. Similar principles of organic farming are applied to make organic milk. The cows are fed organic food, given no antibiotics, if they get sick and not given growth hormones.

Koita Organic Milk, launched by Dubai based company brings the organic milk to UAE from Italy, where their cows are fed on natural grass. If you have been to somewhere in Alps, you must have seen those cows wandering, grazing day and night.  Those happy cows make this tasty milk! The distance this milk travels to reach us, is only one thing I don't like about Koita Milk. But we love the taste, specially my son. My husband being chocolate addict, prefers their chocolate milk more.

By using this milk, we are also reducing plastic waste at our household, as this milk comes in tetra pack. There are no artificial preservatives added to this milk as this milk is given special heat treatment call UHT process before packaging. The milk is sterilized in this Ultra High Temperature processing increasing it's shelf life.  So the shipment of this milk come in ships instead of preferring air-travel, a good way to reduce some carbon footprint involved in this product. You don't have to store the sealed milk boxes in fridge but after opening you need to keep in fridge and consume with 3 to 4 days. 

But please make sure you and your kids are consuming enough iodine through salt or other food, as UHT process reduces iodine level significantly in milk. But living in coastal place like UAE, we have numerous natural sources of iodine available easily. 

On last note, 5% of their annual profit they donate to local charity, Adopt A Camp in UAE. Find out more about Koita Milk here.


Faiza N said...

Where to buy this milk?

Amruta Kshemkalyani- Tavkar said...

Faiza, I buy it from spinneys or waitrose. But a giveaway coming on my FB and Instagram, you can enter there!