Monday, March 1, 2010

Recyling In Sharjah with Beeah

Sharjah Buhaira Corniche looks more beautiful than before, because Bee'ah keeps it clean!

When we used to live in Sharjah, Bee'ah recycling stations used to be integral part of our life. We used to recycle paper, plastic, tin regularly & sincerely...thanks to Beeah!

Bee'ah is a Arabic word for environment! The movement Beeah started in emirate of Sharjah for environment is really appreciable.

When you will enter Sharjah specially after Sharjah city center, you will start noticing waste recycling centers by Bee'ah on the side of roads. These recyclers facilitate to store paper, glass, plastic separately. All these segregated waste is collected and send to waste recycling plant based in Al Saj'ah, Sharjah. Bee'ah offers complete waste management. They have range of street cleaning, waste collection & management products under Tandeef services. They also do public awareness by launching some campaigns & arranging seminar.
I visited Bee'ah stand in biodiversity conference, their enthusiastic employees gave me above information & gifted a very beautiful cotton bag. I loved the quote painted on the bag from Bee'ah, "We care, Do you?"
Keep recycling!

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