Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the Wadies of UAE!

During the winter season in UAE, it's only perfect time to go outdoors and explore the rich environment and wildlife here!
Recently I have been to Wadies in Fujaira, Wadi AL Asima and Wadi Al Sidra-Sana. Wadi is valley in rocky mountains situated in East coast of UAE. During winter Dec-Feb rare raining occurs. This rain water gets collected in these wadies to form water pool. They have built dams in wadies to collect this rain water and use to for farms. While entering wadies we see many small farms owned by locals. They grow dates, vegetables etc. In middle part of wadi, where the main water pool location is, dense natural plantation is found.

They have built water tanks in these areas. As we travel further in wadi the trees become rare and wadi gets open in larger planes.

What I observed in Wadies :
Wadies are popular outdoors in UAE. So generally in this season many people visit wadies
- People always throw waste after their camping. I found plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans, BBQ coal etc in wadies.
- People also turn on loud music to have fun. which may disturb the wild life which people don't know that it exists.
- To visit wadi we need 4 wheel drive vehicle. but tourists take it just off road drive and they drive ruthlessly to scramble all small new plants and species in wadies.
- many people burn local trees to make campfire. thus they destroy trees which are already less in this region naturally.
- Natural Wadi pool was completely 'unclean'! cans, bottles, disposable glasses, cigarettes were floating in water. creating hazard to local fish species in wadi pool water.

On this back ground the work Fujaira Municipality, WWF-EWS are doing to conserve- clean up wadies & to make people aware about the local environment, flora fauna is very appreciable.

WWF- EWS & Fujaira municipality has protected a very popular & beautiful Wadi Wurayah since March 2009.

To know more or get involved visit,

To see the beautiful photos of Wadi Wurayah,

Friends, now onwards whenever you will go for Wadi Bashing please think of conserving environment!

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