Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fresh Natural Cosmetics by Lush

As I have decided to go plastic free, I have started looking for all those items which are not packaged in plastic containers to reduce plastic waste from my home.

Naked Cosmetics come without packaging
Also this year I have decided to start using as much natural ingredients for personal care as possible. It is almost going back to those growing up days, when my mother used to give me only natural cosmetics from her kitchen to avoid any chemical exposure to my then less mature skin. So I am experimenting a lot these days with many food items for beauty care. But few weeks back, I been to Yas mall in Abu Dhabi and drawn to lush shop for two reasons. First the pure natural fragrances and second amazing Eco- friendly interior of the shop.

While I was taking in amazing fragrances, Ashley from Lush store asked me if I need any help and that's how my new love affair with Lush started! We spent great time together, me discussing green living and my new plastic free mission, she giving me information on great products and Lush's green policy. I came home with few great products and few to try samples in generous quantity! Since then I don't feel like using any other products, but have to finish products I already have from other brands and clear my toiletry shelf to stock up with Lush products!

Reclaimed material used for store interior and furniture
To start with Lush products are 100% vegetarian bought ethically and totally palm free! You find many products naked, without packaging, great for zero waste lifestyle! But if you buying products packed in containers, you can collect 5 containers and give back to them which they later recycle and give a you a free. The containers pots, bottles and other packaging materials they use like bags, gift papers etc are 100% post consumer recycled material. Even the fillers they use in the gift bags are bio degradable. Most incredible fact I learned about Lush is they save 450,000 liters of water every year by selling solid shampoo bars globally and also save 6 million plastic bottles with these same shampoo bars.

Their commitment to sustainability is seen even in their interiors, The furniture and shelves are made our of reclaimed wood and reused metal pipes. And Ashley told me, their staff spends time with you to make right choices in selecting products which suite you skin and hair type to avoid any wastage after shopping.

Among all the stunning products I particularly loved the range of fresh ingredients. The raw material are brought to local lush kitchen and the products are made fresh and to be used within 4 weeks or less. These few products have become my favorite in short time of using them, not only because they have fresh natural ingredients but also they worked well and effective on my skin.

Fresh Natural Cosmetics
I am using 'Angels on bare skin' as face wash which contains Kaolin (china clay), lavender flowers and ground almonds. 9 to 5 cleanser as make up remover which contains almond oil and Yland Ylang oil. For my hair 'Rehab' shampoo which contains fresh juices of mango, papaya, kiwi, pineapple and olive oil. Also loved the 'A VA GO' co-wash (conditioner wash), which contains avocado and cocoa butter. It took me a while to get used to this product though. I am using 'R&B' hair moisturizer too, when required. It contains intersecting ingredients like oat milk, orange flower absolute, coconut oi, avocado butter, which explains why it smells so good!
Love Lettuce Face Mask

After having a hectic day, which kept me on my toes, I once tried 'Volcano' foot mask and felt relaxing. It cleanses and soothes with ingredients like pumice, tomatoes and lemon oil.  I am liking 'Happy Hippy' shower gel for it's fresh smell. I still need to try their shampoo bars, soap paper, wash card even make up and 'Fun' to add fun to my son's shower routine. Their bath bombs are popular, but no use for me as I rarely take bath and happy with shower to save water. I know this must be only shop where my husband won't mind coming along with me as last time he said he liked being their smelling fresh food and he was actually looking out for products, if they are edible! (yes, he's hard core foodie!)

I not just loved the products as they are made from fresh natural ingredients but I am amazed to see how a brand has continued to implement their sustainability ethics at such large scale with proper training and good set of system. Lush is definitely one great example of Eco products and sustainable or green business!


Oleksandr Antosha said...

Lush is one of ma fav brands! If you are interested in this I found a lot of pure organic cosmetics in Dubai, they provide Ren, Biokosma,and a lot of others http://livethenature.ae/

Amruta Kshemkalyani- Tavkar said...

Thank you Oleksander, I would definitely check out those products to see how sustainable they are. Because sometimes products can be genuinely organic, but lack other sustainable aspects like packaging etc.