Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kids in Tipees

Me and my son these days are totally in love with this tee-pee. It became a ritual to put up this tee-pee and play pretend camping. It's also our reading corner and cozy spot to lie down, tell stories to my son. The credit of this wonderful time definitely goes to Hanieh from Kidsinteepees, who sends so much love through every tee-pee that our kids are bound to feel that love and hang around the tee-pee more than you expected.
Pretend camping in our favorite tee-pee
I have added this tee-pee in my sustainable products list not just because it is made from natural materials i.e. 100 % cotton and white wood, but also it's great educational toy to teach our kids staying close to Nature. Anywhere you go either on beach or camping outdoors, you can give this tee-pee, a private camping space to your children and outcome is definitely a child; growing with love for outdoors!

Whenever we play pretend camping at home, we start with decorating the tee-pee, it's lovely to see how much creative kids can get, we also use it occasionally as clinic, when my son becomes a pretend doctor and even a shop, when he becomes shopkeeper. There is so much fun you can do with this teepee and best part is it's easy to use, so just few seconds to arrange it and let your child's imagination run wild. 
Hanieh working on tee pee
Hanieh with her final product
When I got to see, how Hanieh Hooshmand assembles the tee-pee at her workshop in Al Quoz I was stunned to see her passion for her products. Hanieh, a mother of beautiful daughter knows what might be issues with the tee-pees, so she softens every piece of wood with sandpaper leaving no sharp edges.

This 'particular' mama makes sure the cloth is lint free inside-out. She irons the cloth knowing, it might not remain as wrinkle free after packing the tee pee. But she follows her own set steps to make sure whole product is almost perfect! And believe me she has very high standards of quality, which you can see in her product. This handmade love she give to each and every tee-pee, because she knows all these beautiful kids who will spend time in tee-pees are her final customers! So I don't need to tell you separately that how safe the product is for children. If you want to see a business woman believing in quality of work instead of fancy marketing tactics, you need to meet this Iranian beauty!

You can get name of your child embroidered on tee-pee or get it made to order for specific color etc for gifts. To find out more, click for website and facebook page and check photos here

Maker of Kidsinteepees


My Yellow Bells said...

This is awesome, I used to play in our makeshift tepee when I was small. want one for my kids

Tarana Khan said...

My son would love this, so cool!

Mummy on my Mind said...

The teepees look adorable, and so much fun for creative role-play too!! Love it!