Saturday, March 7, 2015

Green Activities with My Baby

In the attempt of introducing my son to Green Living, we engaged ourselves with lots of green activities and play at home and outdoors. Here I would like to share some of our favorite Green Activities with you!
Favorite toy- Dry leaf
When Ruhaan was young baby we played with natural material like stone, fresh and dried leaves, dry stick of tree etc., to explore different textures. He still plays with those natural toys. I just need to make sure, there are no sharp edges and corners. He crawled on grass in different parks and sand.
Every fruit was 'apple' :)

I love those cute hand and foot prints of infant babies. But we were little worried to use those store bought hand foot print kits. They didn't even claim that paints are free of toxins. So I used natural color of turmeric to take his first hand and foot print! It is very important to keep our babies away from chemicals, toxins and artificial products. They can harm babies in permanent way. At the same time, we need to take them close to Nature without unnecessarily worrying much. Our kids are designed to cope up natural elements. I exposed my son to all sorts of natural elements early on, grass in park, sand on beach, sea water on beach and rainwater, smell of flowers and leaves.
Carrot feeding, we and horses love it

Now during his toddler age we play with homemade play dough, rice, real vegetables and fruits. I always let him taste all sort of fruits and even vegetables after washing them clean. Now he loves to squeeze oranges, make juice and drink it.
Pet market in Souq Waquif, Doha
Kids love animals, so cuddling animals have been always a favorite activities for him let it be Souq Waqif pet market in Doha or Posh Paws sanctuary or Al Dhabi stable in Dubai. Running behind ducks in Safa park is another favorite of game his play :-)
Smelling flowers
We all know that Babies and kids explore things through their senses and there are so many beautiful things on our planet to stimulate them. We don't need artificially created plastic toys  or screens of ipads and TVs to stimulate them all the time. They smell, taste, touch, observe things and learn through it; we just need to keep guide them well to taste, touch and smell right things. Of course accidents might happen and they do teach lessons to us as parents. I would like to share one such incidence, which taught us a big lesson and created a stressful situation on our son's second birthday!
Pony ride
On Ruhaan's first birthday party, We kept petting zoo and ponies when along with my son all children touched and cuddled many animals like rabbit, dog, turtle, snake, iguana, horses, duck. So on his second birthday, now after he developed more sense of understanding and can create memory now; we wanted to give him a day to remember.
2nd Birthday
We took him to an animal sanctuary in Dubai where there are many animals from around world are kept, rescued and looked after. We cuddled lots of animals and fed them. Ruhaan was overjoyed and got up close with lots of them like goats and kids, ducks, goose, cow. He could watch tortoise eating carrots, emus taking bath, ostrich having lunch, monkeys swinging, deers lazing around, etc. He took pony ride and loved the 'bumpy ride'. But at the end when we were about to go back, he accidently touched the cage of a blue macaw, who particularly was known to bite people and we were warned about it! As soon as Ruhaan touched the cage, I immediately tried to took his hand away, but Macaw was quicker than me and already got hold of his tiny finger. I could feel the pull and instinctively I gave a light jerk and thankfully Macaw loosened his hold. There were definitely few guardian angels protecting my baby and his finger left with a slight shallow bruise on the skin. He cried in shock but thanks to manager of facility, he provided us immediate first aid.
Macaw, who bites
My husband didn't want to leave the place with crying Ruhaan. he wanted to make sure that Ruhaan is saying bye with good memories. So we went around and showed him all other animals again. Of course I couldn't stay calm before consulting a physician, just because I am not well aware with these kind of injuries. Thankfully all things went well, only antibiotic cream was prescribed and Doctor told us there is no need to worry. We learnt our lesson (bad way). Our son entered his troublesome two and is quite more active than before, we have to be even more careful about his safety now than before. He climbs, jumps, runs and is getting naughtier. Anything can happen in split second and we should consider all sort of possibilities before exposing him to these kind of risks.

I thought this story should be shared with all my readers to let you know the risks involved. Not just we, even you can learn from our mistake of not calculating this before happening it. Luckily our son didn't develop any kind of fear or such., his bruise is healing fast too. He explained our friends he met next day on his birthday party about incident by saying 'birdie, got hurt'. Now we might laugh about incident rest of our light and, if he remembers, he may brag about this experience with his teen friends in future :).

Enjoy your green activities with kids and stay safe!


Ruhaan loves this Natural Toy, Dry Stick!


Daneil B said...

Green Activities in dubai . Sounds New & Interesting.

Amruta Kshemkalyani- Tavkar said...

Thank you Daneil, yes I believe one can be close to Nature anywhere in the world, just need to get out of our comfortable homes! These joys are unmatchable!