Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keep Your Car and Roads Clean!

Hello readers, how many times you are irritated by seeing somebody throwing things out of their car windows on road?  I guess a lot of times. And do you know if one gets caught; there is 500 dirham fine by Dubai Municipality for littering anywhere in Dubai?
If you have experienced somebody else's tissue stuck in your car's windshield or wiper when you are driving, (which is generally thrown out of the car next to you) I know how annoying it is! And of course if you have thrown things from your running car, you know what happens, it flies back to your car like a boom rang! There are many times we think why don't people just keep their garbage in car and then throw it in waste bin once they park their car. But I know people don't want to make their cars dirty, which I understand. If I keep plastic bags in my car for waste, they start emitting VOCs and pollutes air inside my car, mostly during long summer months. But when I started using Bagoto, reusable waste bag for car; I found a practical solution to this problem. With Bagoto, you can keep your car clean and you can keep your city clean too!

This car waste bag just doesn't keep our environment clean and our cars tidy but we can reuse it several times, we just need to empty in main trash after use. This makes it a green product and so it is eligible to get place in our Green Directory. According to Bagoto, It is made up of recyclable non-woven textile  material. This material is mainly composed of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is included in the risk list of substances under the European REACH regulation The non-woven is by nature a clean material, with low density, that has very low CO2 emission when incinerated and is not ecotoxic. This definitely is a better solution over keeping plastic bags (even bio degradable ones) in car, because plastic bags can not be stored in vehicle exposed to direct harsh sun, which is commonplace in UAE. Bagoto can be washed few times if it gets dirty (I would suggest hand wash) and can be reused even more times. When the bag is not reusable after many uses, it can be thrown in to garbage bins, no special disposable process requires for it.

My experience of using this bag is very good till now. It is so convenient to have this bag hanging on to gear lever of car while you are driving. You can throw almost everything you (don't) want, right from chewing gum, tissues, used straws, candy wrappers etc. I just made sure to empty it every time as I don't want to pollute the air quality inside my car. It is very handy and it's shape makes it very easy to use. This product comes in pack of 10, in different vibrant colors. By end of week I started loving my Bagoto. You could imagine this waste bag can be such a blessing for a mother driving through busy streets of Dubai, stuck in traffic jam; when her toddler is very cranky in back seat because he wants banana right now. Now she manages to gives banana to him, he eats and she throws the peel in Bagoto without worrying about any mess in car. Piece of mind for all the parties involved! :)

Bagoto is founded in France and these bags are popular there, but 'Keep It Clean' has made them available in UAE. Find more about the Keep It Clean here. Company has recently launched this product. Their other products include MrBin and Carbag. These are paper products, MrBin is cone shaped paper container which can be inserted in sand on beach and you can collect your waste in it and throw it in main trash when you leave the beach. This is one more good product which helps to keep our beaches clean. Keep it clean also offers one interesting and essential recycling service, will write about it after I tried and tested it.

Till then try Bagoto and keep your cars clean!