Monday, January 19, 2015

Toddler Discovering Rain in Dubai!

Today heavy hail storm occurred at parts of UAE. But it rained and drizzled frequently in area where we stay. After my son woke up in morning, I wanted to show him rain. He has never seen rain before, last year he was too young to understand. So I was thrilled today that Ruhaan is going to learn what is rain today!
But even today his untrained eyes were unable to see the slight drizzles from our window. All he could figure out was roads are wet. So while I was explaining what is rain, he concluded 'WET' and repeated few times.

Left with no choice, with the urgency to make him know what rain is, while it lasts; we went down to the landscape area of our building with our 'Ella' (umbrella). He loved walking around in rain holding Ella on his shoulder. I didn't want him to get wet, it's very cold here today. Somehow I made him understand 'water falling from clouds is rain'. But we couldn't keep ourselves dry for longer. He discovered the joy of stomping feet in puddle of rainwater! Of course, every kid loves that. But what I learned today is, stomping feet in rain puddle is natural human instinct, we don't need to learn it! :D

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