Monday, November 24, 2014

Kid's First Flower Plantation Experience

Recently Dubai is voted as best place in world to work and live in. There would many expats like me who would agree instantly. Winter in Dubai is already started and I could see many happy faces wherever I go.
Many interesting events are organized in Dubai for families and kids year round. Last weekend we visited Creek park and there world children's day celebration was taking place. There were exhibition, kids activities and some competitions. It was a cozy family show. Many families were picnicking around the show. My son loved some activities and ran all around in park.
But I would to share one specific activity I did along with Ruhaan. We planted a marigold plant and it was his first experience of planting and gardening! 'Volunteer in UAE' had devoted a special station for kids where they could plant a flowering plant and the fees collected proceed to a girl patients heart treatment. It was a very remarkable initiative by them. By doing this they were not just helping that girl but they were giving kids an educational and fun experience of plantation.
There was kids gardening set along with soil, water and packets of seeds. Kids were pouring soil in pot, then seeds, then soil again and finally water. The lovely volunteers were helping kids in a very friendly way. Such simple, pleasurable activity. After taking the planting pot home kids are going to water it and in few days they could see the growing plant and soon the flowers will grow too.

This experience is so easy and yet its very basic and necessary for our kids to know. It can teach them based on their age; concept if birth, how trees grow,  life cycle of seeds-plant-flower and seeds again, how to take care of their plant and how to be responsible towards nature.

After the seeds are planted in tiny container, the volunteers were writing kid's name on the pot and drawing cute things. After volunteer asked him what should she draw, Ruhaan said 'Bus' :).
Ruhaan is too young to teach him things which I want to tell him, but I can see the joy on his face when he waters the plant every day. He has sense of belonging towards this plant. I can't wait to show him how the seeds will sprout, the plant will grow and flowers will bloom.
But this activity made me decide to give this experience to Ruhaan again and again as he grows.
I personally congratulate amazing Volunteers in UAE, Lola Lopez and their idea of planting experience for kids. Hope the girl child gets well soon and let's all pray for her good health.

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