Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nature at your window!

In further attempt of introducing my baby to nature, I decided to take nature to our window so that he can see and observe it every now and then.
Unfortunately we don't have balcony. The space in our window is also very tiny, but then I decided to have tiny window garden, a tiny slice of nature for Ruhaan. So I bought smallest potted plants and placed them in the tiny space outside the window. To make sure, those light weight pots don't fall down, I fixed a ribbon outside of the plastic pots to secure them.

I am keeping grains in window since long time for birds. But these small plants added more food for birds. I could see more birds visiting our window than before. When more and more birds started sitting in our window and make noise (specially common myna, you can't call it chirping), Ruhaan started observing them, their behavior, what they do and how they fly away. He started pointing to window to make me show him birdies outside and also started waiting for them. Sometimes he wants to see them in our window at night, we then tell him birdies are sleeping.

His morning starts with looking out from the window. Now me and Ruhaan get quite big topic to discuss through out the day too. I have local plants in the pots, which get flowers in winter. I show Ruhaan new flowers, he likes different colours. It rained few times so I tried to show him rain from the same window, but he didn't understand much. But when it was too windy, our small plant were swaying vigorously and we could hear whistling of wind. After that we had a big discussion in some unknown language with lots of surprised expressions.

So I can see Ruhaan is learning about Nature, elements. He is now interested in knowing what is outside our home and he wants to observe it; explore it.

By the way, my favorite bee-eaters are vanished completely from our neighborhood. Actually in this season they are supposed to be here. But number of common myna has increased and sadly lot of crows took place of many different birds. One day I found a common myna eating one of our small plant, I had to shoo her away. Crow and myna are kind of kicking out all other smaller birds. But Ruhaan is very happy with them, his birdie friends :).


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