Monday, July 15, 2013

Green Living Blog supports Buckle Up In The Back!

Hi friends, you must have noticed a new yellow badge of 'Buckle up in the back' on the blog. Green living blog proudly supports this day to day prime important kid's safety initiative, apart from being an environmental and sustainability awareness blog.

When on this blog, we talk about saving our planet for future generations by adapting green way of life, I feel we should also take efforts and make it habit to look into safety of our future generations on day to day basis. As a new mother I am being particular about buckling up my baby in his car seat in the back every time. Actually, I never gave a thought to this topic before becoming a mother, but motherhood opens up many doors (and eyes :-)). Let's all spread the awareness of child safety on-board along with our sustainability awareness.

Never drive with your child without buckling him/her in the back!

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