Saturday, May 11, 2013

Morning-tea in Dubai with my flying neighbours

Good Morning Readers! It been few months I couldn't write, it is more challenging than I thought to find time after birth our son Ruhaan :)! After coming back home to Dubai; apart from enjoying motherhood and taking care of baby I hardly do anything else.

But this is definitely one of the rare morning for the new mum. Baby Ruhaan is sleeping well in his bed (hope he doesn't wake up and make me run to him before finishing this post). It is a lovely foggy morning, one of my favourite Dubai thing (when I am not driving!) and I am having my relaxed morning tea looking outside our window. This place is my personalized bird watching site in Dubai, I guess many residents in Dubai living in landscaped communities must be enjoying similar personalised bird watching site.

I was glad to see my favourite flying neighbour on lamp-post just below my window, little green bee eater. He is busy catching his breakfast, but this time alone. I don't know where his partner is.

He was missing for a month from this lamp-post, since I came back, where he used to spend almost whole day previously.

After a while this laughing dove tried to claim this lamp-post, but he couldn't change Bee-eater's mind.

Then pair of Bulbul came and sat side by side to Bee-eater. Bee-eater kept moving his head all the time looking out for bees and I found these Bulbuls imitating him, moving their heads (but not that fast).

Bee-eater was completely in peace with Laughing dove and Bulbuls. But finally a fat common maina arrived on the lamp-post this poor Bee eater flied quick and vanished from the scene.
Now I got answer why I couldn't find my favorite neighbour since I came back.

This is a perfect example of how newly introduced species in UAE's environment are threatening the smaller species in UAE (LOL)!!!!

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