Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Happy Earth day to you all!

My Earth day started like any other day of the year. Like everyday I stood in my window just after I woke up to catch the glimpse of the morning glory! On way to my work, while stuck in traffic on single road of my landscaped community, watched few happy chirping birds and sunny tree tops waving bye to me. And repeated same sentence to me, "I like Mornings".

On this Earth in true sense not just a morning but every moment is beautiful. The Nature changes it's beauty from morning to night, all we need is to take time out to appreciate it's beauty. But at least on Earth day, we all celebrate the beauty of Earth and remind ourselves what we should  do to stop deteriorate the balance on Earth.

My Earth day celebration this time will be again with WWF-EWS. They are screening "One Day on the Earth" movie in the evening, which I'll watch with fellow environment enthusiast. Today it will be global screening of this movie, which is shot in community in every country of the world on 1.1.2010!
I am quite excited to watch this movie and sure will enjoy like all other movies screened by EWS before.

This year amongst other Earth day celebration in UAE, I found out two very unique and interesting news.
National Geographic Abu Dhabi collaborated with Volunteers in Dubai hosted 'Bag the Waste' yesterday evening. Volunteers at the event turned discarded newspaper into paper bags, which were then distributed to local grocery stores to replace environmentally harmful plastic bags.

In other unique initiative in Sharjah, 10 Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) will be launched under the city's myBeeah recycling rewards campaign. The machines, which will be installed at high-footfall locations like Al Majaz Park and Al Qasba, accept plastic bottles and aluminium cans and award a point for every deposit, which can later be redeemed. An online portal,, will also be launched today, allowing people to sign up for the loyalty programme and avail of rewards for their recycling efforts. Points can be used to avail of discounts and prizes from participating venues and outlets.

I personally appreciate this initiative by Beeah, as this initiative will definitely motivate residents and accelerate the recycling quantity from domestics.

I would urge all my readers and friends staying in Sharjah to sign up on and start regular recycling to get awarded.

Hopefully similar reverse vending machines will be launched in Dubai, Abu dhabi and other Emirates, where residents will welcome them and will be interested more in recycling than before thanks to rewards.

Guys it's time for me to watch One day on Earth, you can watch trailer here,

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