Friday, June 24, 2011

Story of my Baby Plant

Hi guys, hope you all are leading a green life at your best. While doing the same, we had one incidence at home related to my baby plant. I have a tiny curry leaves plant. It's fresh green baby plant. I love smell of curry leaves & once in a while I use it's leaves in my cooking.

As our apartment is facing north, we don't get direct sunlight entering in our house through windows. This orientation is very useful for saving electricity for air-conditioning, but our plants don't get direct sunlight at all.

One Saturday when I was working & my husband was incidentally at home, I told him to keep our baby plant in the garden downstairs for a while, so that it will get direct sunlight hoping it will help the plant grow better. From my experience it is always better to show sunlight to outdoor plant specially early in morning when the sun is not harsh. However my husband, being short on time that day, did not want to wait with plant in garden. Instead he did the biggest mistake. He kept the baby plant in our locked car during afternoon time. After few hours when he remembered about the plant, he found a burnt curry leaves plant in car.

Because of lack of ventilation in car & in closed system like car temperature always increases beyond ambient, the plant was suffocated & burnt. Feeling guilty he brought the baby plant to home & watered it. I was quite sad after loosing my baby plant especially because of a un-thought of action. Later on we kept watering plant without any result.

Just as a last resort, I tried a trick, which I learnt in geography textbook in my school. I threw some sprout beans in that plant pot. I remembered learning about sprout beans; in India farmers, specially those who grow main corps like wheat, rice; once in two years grow sprout beans in the land, to refresh the land & add some nutrients in their farm land. The sprouts leave nitrogen in land adding fertility to it.

Miraculously my baby plant got some more stems with fresh green leaves within 5-6 days. Though the upper part of plant is still in burnt condition & may not get back to life. But these leaves at bottom stem prove the sprouts benefit of adding nutrients.

I felt this experience is worth sharing with you all, where we learnt few things 1st never use your car to store living things not just pets but not even plants, specially during summer afternoons. 2nd whenever you have to add nutrients to your plants (or give them new life) grow sprout beans in same pot. And 3rd never throw any damaged (or burnt) plant, you can revitalize it.

This was definitely our successful attempt of restoring habitat in window garden!

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