Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nature Lover Lucinda Manouch

I don't remember how I visited the blog, "My Garden" by Lucinda Manouch. But after reading her passionate posts & seeing amazingly beautiful pictures of her garden & it's visitors, I fall in love with the blog. Since then I am following this blog.

Honestly, I did not regularly read her every new post, but in between I used to visit her blog thinking, "let's see what is happening on Lucinda's Garden". Then I would read nearly all posts published on blog since I visited it last. Her compassion for all kinds of visitors to her garden was remarkable though it is a snail or insect or birds or plants. She had great caring towards her garden & tiny things in it. In her writing she used to tell us what happend in her garden that day in such way that you feel so familiar to her Garden & you are a regular visitor but you just missed it this time. I used to feel very close to her love for nature & her garden, that close that I never felt like writing her or conveying her how much I love her Garden.

Just by visiting her blog you feel you just been to a walk in a nature's reserve, you feel that fresh & that close to Nature!

I learnt all about practical gardening from her blog, specially inspiration behind my post "Wildlife conservation from your home" is Lucinda. I always had a very small garden back home, in balcony.... you can't even call it garden. But the garden I always dreamt to have is Lucinda's, though actually seeing the photos I realised how hard it could be to maintain such magnificent garden & not get irritated by insects who are eating small plants & top of it being compassionate to them... it is not everyone's cup of tea. She was a true Nature Lover!

Suddenly in my recent remembrance of Lucinda's garden, I visited her blog & my breath stopped for a moment, her husband posted the news about her passing away peacefully . This very enthusiastic & lively lady had cancer & she was doing gardening, taking care of her plants & visitors of garden & writing blog during all this! She was a famous wildlife photographer, who captured the beauty of nature in Africa, Europe & then in her own garden when travelling became difficult for her.

The blog My Garden is definitely a touching story of Lucinda's courage, kindness, compassion & love for nature. Her husband Alan Manouch is now taking care of her lovely garden & posting the updates. I would like to request you all my friends, to go through her blog & her story of love for nature.

For my Green Living awareness quest, Lucinda will be my inspiration even more than before!

(Photos Credit: Lucinda Manouch)

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