Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wildlife Conservation from your home!

We can conserve our wildlife even from home without going in jungles and taking out lot of time from our busy routine! While doing the same we can sit back and enjoy the view of colourful birds, butterflies in out back yard or balcony! We don't have to do much to get this pleasure. Birds and small animals need only shelter, food and fresh water!

- Even a small yard can be landscaped to attract bird, butterflies, beneficial insects & small animals.

- Plant local trees, shrubs, plants in your backyard or balcony of your apartment. This can provide food & shelter to these wildlife. Check with local nurseries for local plants

- Freshwater: Make watering site in your backyard or keep water container in balcony for birds and don't forget to refill it! This is very helpful for birds specially in summer. The watering pan should be shallow. In garden it should be about 2 to 3 feet wide and about 3 inches deep.

Birds are attracted by gently moving sound of water. hanging dripping bucket above the birdbath can attract birds. before refilling always empty and rinse the birdbath.

- Nesting boxes can provide shelter to birds we can hang or fix it in our small garden.

- We can add feeder to improve habitat. We get different types of feeders -tray feeder, tube feeder etc in market.

- Dead drying trees can be home to birds, plants, fungi etc. Consider leaving them as it is unless they cause any hazard. Use old logs & stumps in garden & landscape.

- Don't use pesticides for your plants they are pollutants. instead you can use

- Buy sustainable fish.

- You can creat pond and keep fish in it. It needs little maintanance but will add beauty to your garden.

Inspiration & Credit (Photos): Lucinda Manouch, "My Garden" blog

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