Sunday, February 1, 2009

Leading a Green Living

Now a days the weather is changing drastically. Any one can observe this change in weather and even a kid can tell that the reason is 'Global Warming'!
These days we talk a lot about global warming and some enthusiastics even debate about it. In fact on large scale, governments, environmental institutions and scientists are taking big efforts to minimize it. However, if everybody around will do something to prevent or minimize global warming then the results will definitely be 100% better.

As soon as we read some bad news related to global warming, we do take some efforts to save some energy here and there; but then after a while, many of us think, 'what difference I alone can make by saving little water or paper?’ and this approach keeps us away from leading a green life.

Another approach, which affects green living adversely is the tendancy to show off. People actually like to show how rich they are by consuming unnecessary energy! They use thousands of lights in their houses and switch them on, all at the same time just in the name of creating the mood! Walking on roads affects their status so badly that they take their vehicle to nearby grocery just to buy some small things. Long drive is considered enjoyment when options like trekking, sports activities etc are still available. People keep changing their mobiles and electronic gadgets just to be in vogue! In addition, shopping for fun is the new religion.

Instead of all this why not to show off HOW GREEN I AM!

Why to get shy while saving some things and spending the resources lesser?

We can get all the statistics on the internet showing how many trees would be saved if we take care to recycle the used papers or how much fuel can be saved if each one of us takes a walk to nearby shops or cafes.

Why our laziness is overpowering green living when we need it most?

We just have to make small changes in our attitude, to lead a green life, just small changes!

1. Think Before Throw!
Before throwing anything (food, plastic, clothes, papers …anything) one can think can I use it somewhere else? Is any use of this thing still remaining? If NOT, then how can I recycle it? Is there any recycling station available?
Managing our garbage is not very big task. How we create some space in our home for new electronic gadget in same way we need to give space to different bins for different recyclable matter.

2. Save Resources!
Another change in approach is whenever we are using any resource (water, gas, fuel, electricity etc) we just need to take a few seconds to think how much less I can consume this to fulfill my requirements.
Then we will find out on our own how to save water, electricity, or even petrol. Moreover, we can reduce our bills. Isn’t it good as now recession is threatening each one of us?

Even though green buildings, green cars, green appliances and many more green things are hitting the market; if we don’t learn how to LIVE green, these green things will just remain a fad.
So… GO GREEN! Secure the future of generations to come!

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